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Director Ikona - rozwiń

Slawomir M. Wysocki, M.D. – Experienced manager in health care, active specialist in general surgery


tel. 538 437 936, +48 62 761 25 02
fax: + 48 761 25 08

Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Łódź (1987).


First degree – general surgery (1991)
II. degree – general surgery (1997)
graduate of the I. and II. stage of training in cardiac pacemaker implantation at the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the Institute of Cardiology, Medical University of Łódź (1991)
one of the pioneers of pacemaker implantation in the Kalisz district

Since January 1999 Director of the Provincial Specialist Complex of Health Care Institutions for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica. Previously, in 1998, Director of the Health Department of the Voivodeship Office in Kalisz. Active as a general surgeon, since 1987 associated with the L. Perzyna Voivodeship Hospital in Kalisz (until 1997 as an employee, since 1999 on a cooperative basis).

Participation in numerous healthcare training courses and conferences, including:

Modern lung cancer diagnostics (2015)
Practical ways for healthcare facilities to obtain European Union funding (2005).
Update workshop for health care managers (2002).
Internet in medicine (2000)
Ways of obtaining additional funding from earmarked funds (1999)
System changes in health care – principles of implementation (1998).
Health care reform and management (1998).

Dear Patients,

It is my pleasure, on behalf of myself and my staff, to welcome you to the website of the Provincial Specialist Complex of Health Care Centres for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica, and to invite you to familiarise yourself with and make use of our offer for the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, including malignant bronchial and pulmonary tumours.

The hospital in Wolica is a medical centre with over 60 years of tradition and an established position in Southern Wielkopolska. We manage patients from diagnostic examinations, through treatment, to pulmonary rehabilitation and take care to maintain their good health during follow-up visits to the Voivodeship Outpatient Clinic for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Kalisz, which is part of our ZOZ Complex.

Annually, we treat more than 4,500 patients at the Wolica Hospital and provide around 10,000 specialist consultations and advice at the Kalisz Outpatient Clinic.

The stationary diagnostics are complemented by preventive lung examinations (X-rays and spirometry) carried out throughout Poland in the X-ray Ambulance (one of two in the whole country), equipped with modern digital apparatus. As a result of these examinations, approximately 13% of people are diagnosed with serious respiratory diseases including malignant tumours.

The Hospital’s location in a forest, where we have additionally built a health trail for patients, and Wolica’s microclimate, which is similar to the climatic conditions in Rabka, make patients feel like they are in a sanatorium. Over 95% of patients rate our medical care highly. We thank them very much for this.

doctor. Slawomir Wysocki
Director of the Health Complex

Deputy director of finance - chief accountant Ikona - rozwiń

Joanna Mikolajewska


Tel: 668 988 782

Deputy director for treatment Ikona - rozwiń

dr Ewa B. Zalc-Budziszewska – Specialist in pulmonary diseases


Tel: 728 853 174, 62 761 25 03,

graduate of the Medical Academy in Łódź (1984)


First degree – lung diseases (1990).
II. degree – lung diseases (1993)
title: Doctor of Medicine (1999, AM Lodz)
Postgraduate studies “Management in health care” – Poznan Medical University and Poznan University of Economics (2004).
initiator of the Sleep Study Laboratory (at Wolica Hospital), established in 2010, one of the best equipped units of its kind in the country
2006 – present – Provincial Specialist Hospital for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica
2007r. – currently – head of Ward “B”,
2006 – 2007r. – Deputy Head of Ward “C”,
1987-2006r. – Provincial Hospital named after Primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Sieradz
1994 – 2006r. – Head of Department of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases
1990-1994r. – Acting Head of Department of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases
1984 – 1987 – Independent Public Health Care Institution ZOZ in Głuchołazy, Pulmonology Ward

Deputy Director for operational and technical matters Ikona - rozwiń

Andrzej Jeżyk – Deputy Director for operational and technical matters


Tel: 728 947 901

Superintendent of Nurses Ikona - rozwiń

Marzena Pławiak MA – Master’s degree in nursing, specialist in general surgery


Tel: 728 948 010, 62 761 25 10

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