The history of The Wolica Hospital:

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The position of Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital and then of the Provincial Specialised Healthcare Complex for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica was held in the following years by:

Slawomir Wysocki – 1999 – present
Tadeusz Jakubowski – 1998
Lech Wojciechowski – 1998
Zbigniew Bolach – 1993 – 1998
Lech Wojciechowski – 1991-1993
Jerzy Matuszczak – 1968 – 1991
Zbigniew Michta – 1956- 1967
Jerzy Mierosławski – 1953 – 1956

Periodically, in the position of chief executive were also:

Irena Swierk
Tadeusz Wichlinski

20th century interwar period. Ikona - rozwiń

The history of the Provincial Specialist Complex of Health Care Institutions for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica dates back to the period before the Second World War, when in 1927 Dr Feliks Krzymuski – a respected doctor from Kalisz – proposed developing part of the forest area in Wolica for the construction of a tuberculosis sanatorium.

1937, the Kalisz City Council passed a resolution to allocate municipal forests for the construction of a medical centre

In 1938, construction of the sanatorium began according to an architectural design by Witold Wardęski. Only the ground floor and the ground floor construction were completed, and further construction work was interrupted by World War II.

1940s - 60s Ikona - rozwiń
  • 1948, construction of the sanatorium resumed on the ruins – from scratch

    May 1953, the Pulmonary Ward of the City Hospital was opened and the first thirty patients were admitted

    1954, the hospital received the patronage of Dr Bronisław Koszutski; during this period, the institution treated patients from the vast area of Kalisz and the Kalisz district, as well as the regions of: Ostrów, Pleszew, Turek and Ostrzeszów

    In 1955, the hospital, already equipped with 120 beds, received more than 1,000 patients a year; and the then director of the institution was also the only fully qualified specialist, while the functions of doctors were handled by feldshers, among others:

    – the first bronchoscopic examinations were carried out,
    – the hospital laboratory was expanded

    The 1960s was a period of particularly intense transformation of the Hospital, including:

    – increased staffing, mainly doctors.
    – A number of upgrades were carried out, including in the X-ray Laboratory.
    – the first Cytology Laboratory in the Poznań Voivodeship was established, headed by Dr Helena Kloskowska
    – the Aerosol Laboratory and the new bronchoscopy room were put into operation
    – the Bacteriology Laboratory was opened, allowing the first sputum cultures to be carried out
    – The hospital achieved national prominence in the fields of treatment, research and prevention
    – cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Pulmonary and Tuberculosis Diseases in Warsaw was initiated on a collaborative study on the treatment of newly diagnosed, tuberculous lung diseases

70s - 90s Ikona - rozwiń
  • The 1970s gave the Hospital an unquestionably high position in the list of medical facilities specialising in tuberculosis and other lung diseases, among others:

    – The Hospital had taken on the role of regional coordinator in the fight against pulmonary diseases
    – The scope of services at the Tuberculosis Outpatient Clinic in Kalisz was extended
    – Tobacco Rehab Clinic opened
    – Two spirography laboratories were opened (in the Hospital and in the Outpatient Clinic)
    – the Non-specific Bacteriology Laboratory was opened

    August 1975, on the basis of the State Tuberculosis Hospital and Tuberculosis Outpatient Clinic in Kalisz, the Provincial Specialist Complex of Health Care Institutions for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica was established.

    1978, construction began on the hospital pavilion (with support from the National Health Fund), which was completed in 1987, following, among other things:

    – the third pulmonology ward, the emergency room and the new X-ray and cytology laboratory were opened
    – the Spirometry and Aerosol laboratories were separated
    – a new bronchoscopy room was put into operation
    – hospital room equipment was supplemented with oxygen installations with a central oxygen supply unit

    December 1998, the facility was given the status of an independent, public group of healthcare facilities

    January 1999, Slawomir Wysocki, M.D took over the leadership of the Provincial Specialist Hospital Complex for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis and has held the position of Managing Director ever since.

The last 15 years Ikona - rozwiń
  • 2002, the laboratory was expanded

    2006, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit was launched, one of the first in Wielkopolska

    2007r. The Hospital joined the implementation of the “Programme for the prevention of respiratory diseases” organised by the Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska voivodeship, which it is continuing to carry out

    2010, the Sleep Research Laboratory, one of the few units of its kind in the country with a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment, began operating

    2012, among others:

    – an intensive care room was put into operation,
    – treatment by Non-Invasive mechanical Ventilation (NIV) was inaugurated,
    – qualification of patients for home ventilator treatment started

    2014, among others:

    – a health trail was commissioned, in the forest surrounding the hospital,
    – A new ambulance was purchased, equipped with modern X-ray equipment, enabling the continuation of the “Respiratory Disease Prevention Programme”

    2015, the Provincial Specialised Hospital Complex for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica, which currently employs 136 people, is comprised of:

    – Hospital for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis, consisting of 3 lung disease and tuberculosis wards and a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit, with a total of 147 beds
    – Diagnostic and Treatment Department
    – Laboratory Diagnostics Department
    – Department of Microbiology
    – X-ray Department
    – Functional Research Laboratory
    -Aerosol Laboratory
    – Sleep study laboratory
    – Intensive Care Room
    – Provincial Outpatient Clinic for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Kalisz

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