Sustainable development

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Sustainable development, Hospital in Wolica


The natural environment is an inseparable part of the functioning of the hospital in Wolica, directly influencing its existence and further development. Planet Earth, on the one hand, provides us with the necessary resources to conduct medical activities, on the other hand, it is the recipient of any resulting pollution. Although a hospital is first and foremost a place where patients are treated, the effectiveness and possibility of providing health services does not depend solely on the knowledge, commitment and skills of the medical staff. These elements must be supported by appropriate premises and technical conditions for performing diagnostics, conducting therapy and rehabilitation. From the technical point of view, proper conditions for the treatment process consist of buildings, power systems, installations, medical equipment and other technical devices. Efficient implementation of the hospital’s core tasks, combined with conscious action based on sustainable management of infrastructure, water, waste and products, while monitoring the amount of waste generated and the use of technologies based on the rational use of resources, is reflected in the high quality of the medical services.

Sustainability and climate action have been at the heart of our objective for over a decade. Year after year, this goal has materialised in the implementation of further investments and in the way our hospital operates. We have consciously taken up the climate challenge and today we proudly bear the title of members of Global Green and Healthly Hospitals. Drawing on the experience of our environmentally experienced colleagues at GGHH and WHO, we continue to take action to promote public health while reducing our impact on the environment. We aim to be as carbon neutral as possible, as well as using renewable energy in our operations.


The overarching goal is to create a green hospital in Wolica, whose activities are environmentally neutral. The implemented investments, as well as the planned projects, have a real impact on reducing emissions of harmful substances into the environment, shaping water resources and reducing the amount of waste generated.


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